Addition of 9.B. to the Character Regulation Bylaws

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 12-May-2011 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 12-May-2011 1:00AM EDT

As council member of Winchester, Virginia: Sins in the Valley, I propose the following addition, 9. B., to the Character Regulation Bylaws of OWBN:

9. Rare and Unusual

(The R&U Bylaws, Section 9, has been made into its own Bylaw document, per the 12/18/08 vote.)

A. All characters, PC or NPC, be they played or portrayed by player, chronicle or Coordinator, must comply with the Rare and Unusual Bylaw Document.

B. All characters of R&U classification, PC or NPC, following approval, must be logged with the Archivist.

In order to maintain consistency, the following changes will also be made to the R&U Bylaws:

2. Classifications of Rare & Unusual Categories

A. Genre Coordinators may propose a category assignment or re-assignment for any element type that is not well captured by these guidelines.

B. Restrictions and Definitions of the Classification Categories:

i. Unique:

1. PC: Majority Vote, NPC: Majority Vote and logged with the Archivist

a. All characters published in White Wolf books.

b. Historical figures, real-life persons.

c. Fictional personas used as character concepts (ex: Caine, Vlad “Dracula” Tepes, the vampire Lestat, former President Bill Clinton, Sir Lancelot, wrestling person “The Rock”, etc.)

ii. Very Rare:

1. PC: 2/3 Majority Vote, NPC: Simple Majority Vote and logged with the Archivist

a. Characters of very small groups in the World of Darkness.

b. Creatures of very extreme power levels.

iii. Rare:

1. PC: Majority Vote, NPC: Notification to Council and logged with the Archivist

a. Includes characters of small groups and bloodlines

b. Characters of a power level where free inter-game interaction could become a concern.

c. Characters of types considered fringe to a main genre.

Reason: As R&U classifications shift, it would make sense to keep record of all characters that have been approved, not just some of them, as is currently required by the rules.

Rachel Rogers-Rodgers
Winchester, Virginia CM

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