Addition to Definition of the R&U Bylaws

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 05-Apr-2011 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 05-Apr-2011 1:00AM EDT

As CM of Winchester, Virginia, I hereby propose the following:

To the following, add item B:

Rare and Unusual Bylaws of One World by Night

1. Definition of the Rare & Unusual Bylaws
A. This list is to be considered a guideline for all games within the network. As such, it crosses the lines of genre whether a game is focused on Sabbat vampire, changeling or werewolf. These categories are to be used as an extrapolated guideline. As character concepts are beasts of wild creativity and vast imagination, any list cannot hope to cover the scope of what the players of One World by Night wish to portray. With any system of this nature, flexibility and fluidity are a necessary component. The population types of One World by Night are likely to ebb and flow over the years, and these guidelines must be flexible to reflect the growth and change of the organization and its goals and needs.

B. All changes that may require players of current or future characters to seek approval under these guidelines must be made directly to this document by a majority council vote, with the exception of changes in the rarity of specific paths or rituals of blood magic.

Reason: Keeping all binding character regulations in one place will make life easier for all of us in the long run. That said, this is not expected to be a fix-all, but to serve as a first step toward the consolidation and re-organization of these rules, which I, and the game I represent, see as something that needs to happen.

In addition, the specification that these changes be made by a majority council vote was added as the staff of Winchester, myself included, does not feel such changes should become binding by means of the current auto-pass rules. It also keeps the addition consistent with the language used in the rest of the document.

-Rachel Rogers-Rodgers
Winchester, Virginia CM

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