Coordinator ByLaws 3.C.iii ~ Temporis

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 05-Apr-2011 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 05-Apr-2011 1:00AM EDT

In accordance with Coordinator Bylaw 3.C.iii - Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, enforced policy, R&U named characters, or binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.

Coordinator of the Clan Brujah, I hereby propose the following:

(Discipline) Temporis to become Brujah Coordinator Aproval.

Reason: There is the opportunity via the year of fire plot that several Brujah characters will have their Inclan Celerity switched to Inclan Temporis. The Brujah office wishes to ensure that the discipline doesn't spread rampant in a short span of time, but does recognize that a PC may have an adequate reason to teach it (for example, the repayment of a significant boon).

George Domit.
Brujah Coordinator.

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