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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 27-Jan-2011 1:00AM EST
Closing: 27-Jan-2011 1:00AM EST

As the Changing Breeds Coord, I hereby propose that the following two items be added to the Rare & Unusual list, where they will be placed into the category know as "Rare."

1)The merit "Spirit Parent"

2) Any offspring of a Garou/Spirit mating

These elements would be incorporated into the R&U Bylaws under §3.C.i and added as § as indicated below in bold red text:

3. Guidelines for determining R&U Category

C. Rare
i. PC: Majority Vote, NPC: Notification to Council



Sisters of Hippolyta


Non-Assamites on Path of

Skin Dancers

Assamite bloodlines*

NPC Characters with Dark
Thaumaturgy or other
Infernal Investments*

Standard Mummies*

Assamite Loyalists

NPC Characters Seeking

Supernatural Gypsies*

Character Resurrection

NPC-Sired Ravnos

Supernatural Kinfolk*

Children of Damballah




OWBN-specific Bloodlines

Templars (the Mages)

Daughters of Cacophony

PC Supernatural to PC

True Anarch Tremere

Dharma 5- Kuei-Jin

Perfect Giovanni Infiltrators*

Unusual Caitiff/Pander*

Former Erebus Residents

Perfect Tremere Infiltrators*

Unusual Changing Breeds*

Gargoyles (Pyramid-loyal)

Perfect Ventrue Infiltrators*

Unusual True Faith

Garou/Spirit Offspring*

Rare Revenants*

Vampires Embraced from
Extinct Revenant Lines*



Wu Keng

Lasombra Antitribu*

Sabbat Assamite Viziers
and Sorcerers

Wu Nung

Lost Tribal and Breed Gifts*


Lost tribal and Breeds Rites

Sect-Specific Sect



* See Groupings and Definitions of Types of Rare & Unusual, Section 4,
for more information.


4. Groupings and Definitions of Types of Rare & Unusual

D. Changing Breeds Groupings

i. Common changing breeds

1. Incorporates Ratkin, and Corax

ii. Unusual changing breeds

1. Incorporates Bastet (excluding those varieties listed elsewhere in this document), Nuwisha, Rokea and Ananasi

iii. Rare changing breeds

1. Incorporates Kitsune, Gurahl, Mokole, and Nagah

iv. Lost tribal and Breeds Gifts

1. Any character who learns a gift belonging exclusively to one of the extinct or lost Changing breed or Garou tribes (defined for this purpose as the Apis, Bunyip, Camazotz, Croatan, Grondr, and White Howlers).

v. Klaivesmithing and Grand/Great/Bane Klaives

1. The creation of silver weapons/fetishes by Garou, including but not limited to klaives, in any aspect other then performing the Rite of the Fetish" will be Coordinator Approval.

2. "All Grand, Grand, and Bane Klaives, regardless of how they are acquired in game will need Coordinator Approval.

vi. Garou/Spirit Offspring

1. Characters with the "Spirit Parent" Merit.
2. Any offspring of a Garou/Spirit mating.


This proposal is made in accordance with Coordinator bylaws §3.C.iii:
"iii. Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, enforced policy, R&U named characters, or binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.","0

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