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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 31-Jan-2011 1:00AM EST
Closing: 31-Jan-2011 1:00AM EST

As per Coordinator Bylaws §3.C.iii, I hereby propose the following
update to the OWBN Mage packet be adopted for use in OWBN. The
following link is provided as the mailing list will not accept the


The following changes to R&U are incorporated in this packet, and
should be reflected accordingly in the bylaws:

1) Supernaturals with Hedge Magic/Numina:

The item "Supernaturals with Hedge Magic/Numina" will be added to the
R&U Bylaws under the Coord Approval section.

The following description will be added to the R&U Bylaws in the
descriptive section:

Unless part of a canon group that specifically allows the use of Hedge
Magic/Numina, no major supernatural type (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage,
Changeling, etc.) may possess Hedge Magic/Numina. If the character is
part of a group that is able to utilize these abilities (Uktena Path
Dancers, Bubasti, Runewise Gangrel, etc) that character must obtain
Coordinator approval from their appropriate Genre Coordinator unless
more stringent R&U guidelines apply.
2) Grimoires and Principae

The item "Grimoires and Principae" will be added to the R&U Bylaws
under the Coord Approval section.

Please refer to the packet for the rationale behind these items.

Other items of note in this packet that have been added:

Numerous rules clarifications and optional systems for Storytellers and Players
Exploration of concepts such as Paradigm, Foci, etc.
Storyteller guidelines for utilizing the Technocracy and other antagonists
Guidelines for controlling the Hedge Magic Paths of Enchantment and Alchemy
A quick guide to the Umbra and Spirits - HIgh, Middle, and Low.

This packet does not address the Metaplot update planned for this
year, which will be brought to council separately.

Jason Place
Mage Coord Hat

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