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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 04-Oct-2010 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 04-Oct-2010 1:00AM EDT

I hereby Propose a Change to the Rare and Usual Coordinator Bylaw 3.D.i. Which currently states:

1. PC: Appropriate Coordinator Approval and Notification to Council, NPC: Appropriate Coordinator Approval and Logged with Archivist

To change to following:

1. PC: Appropriate Coordinator Approval and Logged with Archivist, NPC: Appropriate Coordinator Approval and Logged with Archivist.

Reasoning: It is my belief that in the recent months it has been shown that information sent to council is never secure and has been leaked on almost every vote. A lot of these things can be damning to a PC or their concept from the start if given out. Further more many items listed in packets that require Coordinator Approval (Rare Thaum, Disciplines, Abilities, etc) technically require each and every one of these to be notified to council when approved. However this is never done and largely ignored. Lastly I believe this will help elevate some of the work and concerns between STs and Coords as now their Approvals will be properly logged and not be spread across the org. This is one of the main issues why STs don’t bother going to Coords for approval, as it will be broadcasted across the org.

In working with and knowing many of the Coordinators of OWBN, I trust them fully to do their job and regulate the things given to them to oversee. As long as it is logged with the Archivist, I feel this is a far better system then what is currently used, and in many cases (when it comes to packets approvals) is largely ignored anyways.

Thank you,

Dark Colony: Hartford CM/HST
2nded by: Chris Hanel

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