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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 09-Aug-2011 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 09-Aug-2011 11:58PM EDT

In accordance to Administrative bylaws 3.A ii,  I hereby propose the following changes made to the proposal's R&U guidelines to read as the following, with the following edits made to the packet found at the link below.

PC's with the Merit Family Allegiance -   Coordinator Approval - See Ravnos Genre Packet
PC's with Samedji -   Coordinator Approval - See Ravnos Genre Packet
Ravnos of Gypsy or Indian lineages -   Coordinator Approval -See Ravnos Genre Packet
Ravnos NPC's of 8th generation or lower -   Coordinator Approval
Ravnos Ratka-Sadhus -   Coordinator Approval - See Ravnos Genre Packet and Setite Sorcery Packet
Sabbat Sadhana Users -   Coordinator Approval - See Setite Sorcery Packet
Change Supernatural Gypsies from Rare to Coordinator Approval
Discipline techniques and Combinations Disciplines which require Chimerstry as a perquisite for Non-Ravnos -  Coordinator Approval
Ravnos Lore 4 or higher for Non-Ravnos -  Coordinator Approval - See Ravnos Genre Packet
Any PC with the Combination Disciplines: Scourge the Thrall, Nightmare Curse or Craft Ephemera - Coordinator Approval 
Change Clan Friendship ( Ravnos ) from Unusual to Coordinator Approval - See Ravnos Genre Packet
Change: Characters with Clan Enmity or Clan Friendship to Characters with Clan Enmity or Clan Friendship, except Clan Friendship (Ravnos)


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