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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 07-Oct-2011 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 14-Oct-2011 11:58PM EDT

Greetings, Citizens of One World by Night!


Pursuant to By-Law 4.C: Special Elections


         i.       i.  Should any Coordinator position become unfilled during a term, a special election must be held.

          ii. Head Coordinator may appoint someone to fill the position until the special election is completed.

      iii.        iii. The appointee will be treated as an Elected Coordinator, except that the appointee will only serve until the Special Election is complete.

     iv.          iv.  The Head Coordinator will announce the Special Election on the Council, ST, and OWBN-OOC mailing lists and will accept applications for fourteen (14) days.

       v.          v.   The vote will then proceed following the bylaws in Administrative Bylaws, Section 4, Subsection B, Other Coordinator Elections.

     vi.          vi.   Should the position become vacant within one (1) month of the Head Coordinator Election, an appointee may serve until elections are complete.


The following candidates are running:


Jennifer Lee

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Can also be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xnndd6OciI4po7T7Oi4b6-4Vq6TZdp9ht2nqkF8w0bA/edit?hl=en_US


Applicant Name: Jennifer Lee
Applicant Email: 
Applicant Home Chronicle: Stockton by Night


I joined OWBN in 2006 when Orland Park: Shadows of the Jewel started its application to the org.  Until 2007 I played heavily in the Midwest, including Chicago, Gary and Kenosha.  When I moved to the Midatlantic in 2007 I played in Winchester, Washington, D.C., Annapolis, Fredericksburg and Cap Rage Garou.  I currently reside in Sacramento, CA and actively play in Stockton by Night, Sacramento by Night, Lux Tenebras (Sabbat), River of Shadows (Garou).

I have served as a Storyteller several times in my history with One World by Night and I really enjoy this aspect of the org.  One of my favorite things as a storyteller is world-building.  I find giving the players an environment to interact with provides the players with a much richer gaming experience.

My work for the Setite Coordinator has primarily been with the Serpents of the Light, but I have also been involved in other genre decisions and processes.  I was integral in the creation of a more fleshed out Serpents of the Light genre packet and made necessary changes to the rarities within the Wanga Packet.

One of my favorite aspects of gaming in OWBN is the yearly event games.  I feel event games give players an opportunity to engage in the bigger universe of the org and reminds them that they are not just saving the world in their own games every two weeks.

Administrative Experience:

2006-2007 -- Head Storyteller for Orland Park: Shadows of the Jewel
2007-2008 -- Assistant Storyteller for Fredericksburg: Caine’s Chosen
2009-2011 -- Council Member for Fredericksburg: Caine’s Chosen
2010-Present -- Assistant Storyteller for Annapolis: Vitae Aeternus
2010-Present -- Serpents of the Light Coordinator for the Setite Coordinator
2011-Present -- Council Member for Northern Virginia: Night Falls


  • Adjust the rarities within the Wanga packet based on recent player and storyteller input
  • Provide a better opportunity for Cult genre and fostering player created temples and cults, as well as other player initiated plot
  • Further develop the Followers of Set webpage, including the creation of a wiki for better communication within the clan
  • Provide courteous and fast genre support for storytellers and players from myself and my staff
  • Assist players who have been affected by OOC genre changes, to help provide a smoother experience on the IC level

Personal Statement:

I have worked closely with Trey over the last year and I plan to continue much of the work he had going.  I look forward to continuing the active plots that are being run.  I feel that there is nothing more frustrating for a player than to never finish a story, so I intend to remain current on all of Trey’s current projects and ensure that they are handled to completion.

As a storyteller and player, I find that coordinator response time is of utmost importance.  This is why, if I am elected, I intend to resign from all of my current positions, so that I am better able to fulfill the duties as a Coordinator.  On a similar note, in my time with OWBN I have always pursued game balance and fairness.  Setite Sorcery can be challenging in this way because there are some players who convert or play Setites just for the “cool powers.”  I plan to work with storytellers and players to ensure that responsible approvals are made.

There are some really great people already on staff and I would be looking to add some fresh voices and perspectives to the team.  Specifically, if I am elected, I would consider any of the other candidates for a subcoordinator position.  If you are willing to run for a position, I have no doubt that you must be very committed to pursuing the genre.

I look forward to answering any other questions that players, storytellers and coordinators may have about my intentions so please feel free to contact me directly.

Supported by:

Sacramento by Night
Annapolis: Vitae Aeternus
Lux Tenebras
Athens by Night
Whispers of Atlanta
Northern Virginia: Night...Falls
Washington, D.C. - Shadows on the Mall
Capitol Rage
Dark Colony: Hartford
Kings of New York
Columbus in Darkness
Stockton by Night
Boston: Cradle of Liberty
Baltimore: Dark Harbor
Crusade of Ashes
San Francisco: Always Comes Evening

Setite Coordinator - Trey Naivar
Gangrel Coordinator - Scott Michalek
Sabbat Coordinator - Adam Sartori
Malkavian Coordinator - Megan McCrady
Camarilla Coordinator - Rojir McCrady
Giovanni Coordinator - Dan Valandingham

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