[AMMENDMENT] [PROPOSAL] Brujah Bloodlines to Brujah Variants

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 07-Oct-2011 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 14-Oct-2011 11:58PM EDT

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In accordance with Coordinator bylaw 3.C.iii, I hereby propose:

Due to the events of the Year of Fire two new Brujah variants have come into being. Due to current bylaws the characters of these variations cannot “Breed True” and this causes them to mechanically be Caitiff. It is not the goal of this office to punish players for taking part in an Organization wide Meta Plot and feel that all of these characters, and any childer that they create after the moment of their change, “Breed True” including passing on their variation. Characters who have suffered these changes have become calling themselves New Brujah, we will use that name for them as well.  As these variants did not come forth from a single lineage, but a random change to multiple individuals they are not considered OWbN-Specfic Bloodlines for purposes of R&U.

If this prop passes it will make the following available for play, with an appropriate PC sire and Approval if required. Characters requesting to play one of these Variants without an appropriate PC Sire will require approval from the Brujah Coordinators office.

Each Non Variant and Variant will be listed here as it should be in the R&U section of our bylaws.

1. Brujah – This is the Standard Brujah as written in Laws of the Night Revised and requires no special approval to play. They carry the normal Brujah Clan Flaw and naturally learn Celerity, Potence and Presence. (does not need to be added to the R/u, it is listed in the prop for completion)

2. True Brujah – This is the Brujah Bloodline as it appears in the MET Storytellers Guide. They carry the True Brujah Clan Flaw and naturally learn Potence, Presence and Temporis. (2/3 Majority required).

3. The Dispassionate – (D.i) Coordinator Approval: This Brujah Variant carries the True Brujah Clan Flaw, but maintains standard Brujah disciplines of Celerity, Potence and Presence.

4. Kairos – (D.i) Coordinator Approval: These Brujah retain their clans traditional Passion and Clan Flaw, but have lost the ability to learn Celerity. Their natural disciplines are Potence, Presence, Temporis

5. Special Cases: Some may have changed during the Year of Fire that received both Temporis and the True Brujah Clan Flaw. While mechanically they would seem to  fall under the True Brujah listing, they are something different. It was not the goal of this plot to repopulate the True Brujah artificially. Childer of these characters will manifest either the True Brujah Flaw or Temporis as determined by their storyteller. They will be approved and logged appropriately as either Dispassionate or Kairos.

George Domit

Brujah Coordinator.

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