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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 21-Oct-2011 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 28-Oct-2011 11:58PM EDT

Lets try this again since I didn't do this right the last time, could we move all discussion here?

The Following items will be added to R&U category D; Coord approval.
Linguistics(Kaja)-for anyone who is not a Kuei-jin, Dhampyr, Wu Lung, or Akashic Brother.(Suggested method for obtaining approval a minimum of KJ Lore 3 along with extensive interaction with the courts
The Learning of the disciplines Feng Shui or Tzu Wei by non Kuei-jin, non dhampyr.(Suggested requirements extensive friendly interaction with KJ courts for multiple years in game time. Gaijin/Gweilo merit extremely helpful)
The learning of Category 3 Rites by those outside the proper Dharma(The only reason they should be on a sheet outside the proper dharma is if the person jumped ship at some point)
What is intended to be binding by the Packet, the conversion of mechanics from table top. the R&U as stated above, the errata given to Laws of the East is suggestion based on feedback and not binding, the Lore scale is not intended to be binding but a suggestion of what each level can give and what each level should cost for those who dig deep.


Patrick Sniegoski

Demon Emper.. I mean Kuei-jin Coord

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