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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 22-May-2012 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 29-May-2012 11:58PM EDT

Pursuant to Coordinator Bylaw 3.C.iii, the Brujah Coordinator proposes that the current R&U Listing for Coordinator Approval be amended to include Brujah Lore x4 and above (the current and proposed bylaw listings will be illustrated below).


Changes wrought to the Brujah Clan by the Year of Fire have left its members with new avenues to explore, and new knowledge to acquire and study. Old knowledge is outdated, encyclopedic knowledge no longer complete. This change to the R&U bylaws will allow the Brujah Coordinator to ensure the proper and timely assimilation of the new information and help the Coordinator staff enrich the organization's newest story from here forward. 

This would, necessarily, go into effect with no Grandfathering, but the Brujah Coordinator would urge those currently posessing Brujah Lore x4 and Brujah Lore x5 to quickly re-apply so that this process can be evaluated on their individual experiences as soon as possible


Coordinator Approval


Akuma (Political, Lesser, Greater)*

Greek Gangrel

Perfect Giovanni Infiltrators*

Anarch Combination Disciplines taught to non-Anarch player characters*

Grimoires and Principae

Perfect Tremere Infiltrators*

Anarch Tremere


PCs with the Merit Family Allegiance (see Ravnos packet)

Any non-Ravnos Learning Advanced Chimerstry (or higher)

Heretical Sabbat infiltrating another Sabbat Faction (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Rarity 2 or 3 Sabbat Inquisition Thaumaturgy (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Assamite bloodlines*

Infernalist Sabbat Faction (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Ravnos Lore 4 or higher for Non-Ravnos (see Ravnos packet)

Assamite Faction Converts*

Infiltrating a Sabbat Faction and becoming Locally Important or higher (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Ravnos NPCs of 8th generation or lower

Assamite Infiltrators

Kineticism Discipline (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Ravnos of Gypsy or Indian lineages (see Ravnos packet)

Assamite Loyalists

Klaivesmithing and Grand/Great/Bane Klaives*

Ravnos PCs (Regular/PhuriDae/Brahman/Rakta-Sadhus)/Ravnos NPCs of 7th Gen


Learning, through one’s Sabbat Faction, a Combination Discipline of Regional or National Rarity (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Ravnos Ratka-Sadhus (see Setite Sorcery and Ravnos packets)

Blood Brothers

Leaving the Black Hand (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Regionally Important Sabbat Loyalists buying off the Notoriety Flaw (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Camarilla Assamites without Probationary Sect Membership*

Marijava Revenants

Regionally or Nationally Important Members of a Sabbat Faction (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Camarilla Vampires on Sabbat Paths of Enlightenment*

Mariner Gangrel

Restricted Garou Camps (see Grouping for list)*

Characters with the Gaijin/Gweilo or Court Appointment Merits*

Moncada’s Legionaries (Sabbat and Lasombra Coord Approval; see Sabbat Faction packet)

Sabbat Assamite Viziers and Sorcerers

Characters with the Reputation Merit*

Nationally Important Sabbat Loyalists buying off the Enemy Flaw (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Sabbat Faction Leader Status for Player Made Sabbat Factions (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Clan Friendship: Ravnos (see Ravnos packet)

Non-Assamite Converts to Clan Assamite

Sabbat Faction Nationally Important NPCs (see Sabbat Faction packet)

Combination DisciplineEyes of the Enlightened(see Sabbat Faction packet)

Non-Assamites on Path of Blood

Sabbat Inquisition Hermetic Thaumaturgy (Sabbat and Tremere Coord Approval; see Sabbat Faction packet)

Daughters of Cacophony

Non-Lasombra Camarilla members with Obtenebration

Sabbat Inquisitor Only Rituals (see Sabbat Faction packet)

D'habi Revenant Family

Nosferatu Infiltrators

Sabbat Sadhana Users (see Setite Sorcery packet)

Dharma 6+ Kuei-Jin

NPCs and PCs seeking infernalism, with Dark Thaum, or other infernal investments*

Sect-Specific Sect Defectors*

Discipline techniques and Combination Disciplines which require Chimeristry as a prerequisite for Non-Ravnos

Out of Clan Blood Magic*

Semi-Supernatural Kinfolk*

Disparate/Craft Mages

PC Supernatural to NPC Wraith*

Supernatural Gypsies*

Dominate Malkavians and Dominate Malkavian Antitribu*

PCs with history involving Coord or Canon NPCs

Supernaturals with Hedge Magic/Numina*

Dominique Touraine or Joseph Pander as a Mentor (see Sabbat Faction packet)

PCs with Infernal Ranking*

Temporis Discipline


PCs with Samedji (see Ravnos packet)

Udja-Sen Mummies


PCs with the Combination Disciplines: Scourge the Thrall, Nightmare Curse or Craft Ephemera

Unusual Caitiff/Pander*


The Dispassionate

Brujah Lore x4+



Brujah Coordinator

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