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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 10-Jul-2012 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 17-Jul-2012 11:58PM EDT

I, Joseph Schuster CM of Dayton: Dying Embers hereby propose that Administrative Bylaw 6.D.ii be amended to the following (change in bold):

  1. OWBN Strike
    1. A strike may be called with or without any combination of other disciplinary actions.
    2. Consequences of OWBN Strikes
      1. No member holding any OWBN Strikes shall be permitted to hold any position within OWBN at the organizational level. Organizational Level positions are: Coordinators, Sub-Coordinators, Council Members, and Portraying NPCs for Coordinators or Sub-Coordinators.
      2. No member holding any OWBN Strikes shall be permitted to serve as an Storyteller for a OWBN chronicle on any level (HST, AST, Admin ST, or any other local designation to describe such duties).
    1. Should any member receive three OWBN Strikes, that player will no longer be eligible to play in any OWBN Chronicle, nor hold any position within OWBN.

In keeping with the previous discussion about holding ST's accountable, using a Strike as a potential removal tool without harming or damaging an entire game or resorting to a ban appears to be a reasonable intermediary step. Note that by definition this would immediately apply to any current OWBN strike holders if it should pass. 


Joseph Schuster

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