[Proposal] R&U Bylaw Revision [Amended]

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 28-Jul-2012 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 04-Aug-2012 11:58PM EDT

After the passing of the Bylaw revision that required all R&U classification in packets to be added to the Bylaws, a spreadsheet was created that listed all of the R&U classifications from the Bylaws and the packets.  This spreadsheet can currently be found here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiTXpaPewXoFdE5MbERNRndUVW41NjJCTUQzZGplbkE&hl=en_US&authkey=CJLV98YK

However there was some incorrect information in the spreadsheet, and the Bylaws on the website (found at this link: http://www.owbn.net/bylaws-ru-bylaws ) varied from those in the spreadsheet.  This created a situation where there were two documents, that occasionally conflicted, that each had some, but not all, of the Rare and Unique Bylaw information.  In order to proceed clearly, with a clear understanding of what is considered Rare and Unique, the two documents were compared to one another, and merged into a single set of R&U Bylaws and rules.  

On behalf of the Executive team, and under the rules of Administrative Bylaws 3.A.i.1, I, Linsey "Echo" Guertin, hereby propose that the attached document* become the sole source of Rare and Unique information in the organization.  It contains the most accurate representation of the Rare and Unique Bylaws that can be assembled at this time.  It has been compiled by the Archvists and reviewed by the Coordinators.  Once passed, the Web Team will update the R&U Bylaws with the attached document* in a format of their choosing.  

Some significant changes of note:


  • A new cateogry of R&U was created.  "Coordinator Notify".  This is a category often noted in packets but one that did not exist in the R&U Bylaws previoulsly.
  • The following items, while listed in the Spreadsheet, do not conform to any existing R&U category and therefore, were placed in the R&U Bylaws Section 6: Special Cases:
    • Black Hand Combination Disciplines, Art of Memory and Black Hand Sign Language are tagged as "Black Hand Only".  
    • Itugen's Embrace, Shared Strength and Steal the Terrible Swiftness are Gangrel combo's that are "NPC Only" and Rune Wise is a Merit that is NPC only. 
    • Those possessing Dementation are required to have a Derangement.
  • A few grammatical and layout errors were changed (such as the paragraph starting "Rules on current characters, restrictions and requirements..." being adjusted to the proper outline format as R&U Bylaw 1.C and chaging a few instances of "Coord" to "Coordinator" or "Gen" to "Generation")
  • Removing the recently added line stating that the official spreadsheet will be used.
  • This document took the existing R&U Bylaws found on the website and incorporates all the updated information.  All changes to the Bylaws are listed in red in the attached document*.


Amendement from July 25th: 

Included is a link to the updated Bylaws after a few quick amendments that were  brought up.  The changes from the one proposed on July 19th include:

  1. "Coordinator Notify" was added to section 2.B of the Bylaws.
  2. "Gangrel Combination Disciplines or any Custom Combination Discipline requiring Protean" was changed to "Gangrel Combination Disciplines or Gangrel Created Custom Combination Disciplines" to bring the verbage more in line with the Gangrel packet.
  3. "Nicktuku PCs and NPCs" were added to the Coordinator Approval listing as that passed recently as a separate vote.
  4. In section 4.F.xxii.3, the term "Jade Badge" was updated to "Society of the Jade Badge".  This was a typo that inadvertently made the Jade Badge Coordinator Notify instead of the Society of the Jade Badge.

All updates from this amendment are listed in Green.  All additions to the Bylaws from recently passed R&U changes are listed in Blue.  All other changes to the current R&U Bylaws are listed in Red.

Most up to date R&U Bylaws:

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