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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 08-Nov-2012 11:00PM EST
Closing: 16-Nov-2012 10:58PM EST

As CM of Dayton: Dying Embers, I hereby propose the following bylaw be added to Character Regulation Bylaw 2 "Experience Points" to be numbered as Bylaw 2.F:

F. The standard XP costs from Laws of the Night (3rd Edition) and other published Revised/3rd Edition White Wolf books and material with listed MET XP costs (including the Sabbat Guide, Anarch Guide, Stroyteller's Guide, Clanbooks, etc.) are to be considered the baseline for OWBN. Reasonable variations due to house rules or regional preferences (such as rules regarding Influences) are permissible, but must be noted in a game's house rules.


Reasoning: We have never actually defined what XP means as an organization -- we define the currency and how it can be spent, but never what those transactions should cost. This really does not change anything, but simply defines for the record that games should be following XP costs as defined in our generally accepted rulebooks, and if they differ from that, to explain exactly how. After looking at the organizational rules of groups like ours, it is a common bylaw to include, and one I feel we should emulate.

~Joseph Schuster
CM Dayton: Dying Embers

Panders Playground seconds this.

Mark Cherry
Interim CM for PPG

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