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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 12-Jan-2013 12:00AM EST
Closing: 18-Jan-2013 11:58PM EST

It is hereby proposed by the Head Coordinator that Administrative Bylaw 4, which covers Coordinator Elections, be revised to the following:


    1. Coordinator Elections

      1. Head Coordinator Elections

        1. The Head Coordinator shall be elected every February and shall serve until the end of elections the following year.

        1. Nominations for the position shall open on February 1st and close at the same time on February 7th.

        1. Voting will last until February 14th. In the case of a tie, voting will be held February 15th through 22nd with the former Head Coordinator serving during the interim. No other proposals may be passed or introduced during this runoff.

        1. No proposals relating to this electionelection process, or the voting procedure may be proposed nor ratified within seven (7) days of the beginning of the voting period until the end of the election(s).

      1. Other Coordinator Elections

        1. The Head Coordinator will nominate all other Coordinators.

        1. The Head Coordinator will accept applications for nominations for a minimum of one (1) week from the time the application procedure opens, which must be posted to the Council, ST, OWBN-OOC, and mailing lists in addition to the OWbN website.

          1. The Head Coordinator is required to nominate any applicant who has the support of five (5) or more member chronicles of OWBN. They may decline candidates with less support at their discretion.

          1. Each candidate must list prominently on their application from where their support is coming.

            1. Chronicles may support more than one candidate in this manner and they do not have to vote for the candidate(s) they supported.

        1. Should only one person submit an application for a given position, then the Head Coordinator may nominate that one applicant without a second applicant on the same ballot or extend the time for collecting applications as the Head Coordinator sees fit.

        1. The Ballot will be presented to Council three (3) days before the voting period begins for discussion, but no later than February 25th without a ratified proposal granting the Head Coordinator an extension.

        1. The Ballot will be posted on the Council, ST, and OWBN-OOC mailing lists at the beginning of the vote discussion period.

        1. The vote will open on the day after the seven (7) day council discussion period, and close no earlier than the same time seven (7) days later.

        1. All candidates for Coordinator positions will be put on Council during the fourteen day discussion period, and election week, to defend and explain their platforms. Those not elected shall be removed once the voting period is done.

        1. The nominee carrying the most votes on Council shall become Coordinator.

          1. In case of a tie, the Head Coordinator may either break the tie or hold a run-off election between all tied parties.

          1. For a run-off election, only the candidates who were tied will be on the ballot. The option to reject all candidates will be removed. The option to abstain will remain.

          1. If the election is still tied after the run-off vote, the HC will break the tie.

        1. Coordinators will serve beginning two weeks after the election vote for their election closes, including any run-off election that may have taken place. The current Coordinator will be expected to brief the Coordinator-elect during these two weeks on issues and events relating to the particular Coordinator position being assumed by the Coordinator-elect, as well as remit any necessary documents or duly passed accounts.

        1. No proposals relating to electionselection process, or the voting procedure may be proposed or ratified from the time the Council discussion of the ballot begins until the time all elections end.

        1. The Assistant Head Coordinator and Second Assistant Head Coordinator positions shall be treated as the same position for application andelection purposes, with the nominees carrying the highest and second highest number of votes becoming Coordinator. This vote shall have multiple acceptable options equivalent to the number of AHC positions available. Thus each Chronicle will receive a number of votes equal to the number of positions available.

      1. Special Elections

        1. Should any Coordinator position become unfilled during a term, a special election must be held.

        1. The Head Coordinator may appoint someone to fill the position until the special election is completed.

        1. The appointee will be treated as an Elected Coordinator, except that the appointee will only serve until the Special Election is complete.

        1. The Head Coordinator will announce the Special Election on the Council, ST, and OWBN-OOC mailing lists and will accept applications for seven (7) days.

        1. The vote will then proceed following the bylaws in Administrative Bylaws, Section 4, Subsection B, Other Coordinator Elections.

      1. Should the position become vacant within one (1) month of the Head Coordinator Election, an appointee may serve until elections are complete.
This is being done to reduce the number of weeks involved in the process.
Head Coordinator
One World by Night

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