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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 26-Mar-2013 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 01-Apr-2013 11:58PM EDT

As Head Coordinator of One World by Night, I hereby propose the following:

Addition of

 Coordinator By-Law 2.A.2.(Appointed Coordinator Positions):

"ix.  Marketing"

Addition of Coordinator By-Law 3.A. (Coordinator Duties):

"viii. Marketing

a.  Monitor marketing trends for One World by Night

b.  Act as an administrator for out of character outreach media on
behalf of One World by Night at-large

c.  Work in partnership with Web Coordinator for effective Marketing strategies

d.  Work with Admissions Coordinator as initial contact for potential
new membership

e.  Work with local chronicles in assisting with marketing materials/strategies

f.  Perform other outreach and marketing tasks as assigned by Head Coordinator"

 It is my intention that Meredith Gerber will serve out the 2013-2014
Term in this position



Head Coordinator

NOTE: This is a public item and should be discussed openly.

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