[PROPOSAL]Territory Claim for Dark Colony Hartford

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 03-Apr-2013 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 09-Apr-2013 11:58PM EDT

I hereby propose the following request for territory for Dark Colony: Hartford game:

The City of 
Bridgeport, Connecticut

The game of Hartford, CT would like to gain control of this city for use for our newly created Sabbat Satellite game.  

It is currently Sabbat Status Quo territory free for use by games.  The Sabbat Coordinator has agreed to give support as long as the city remains sabbat, which it shall be, as we plan to use it for out Sabbat satellite game.  Additionally Hartford has history of using Bridgeport in its game for use of Sabbat related plots and the city of Hartford.

Thank you,


CM Dark Colony Hartford
P.S. Bridgeport is totally a Sabbat City IRL...it has a "packs of wild dogs attacking people" problem.

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