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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 14-Apr-2013 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 20-Apr-2013 11:58PM EDT

This requires a second.
Recently there have been several instances where proposals autopassed, and individuals have indicated that they had intended to object to said proposals, or didn't realize the proposals required an objection to be voted on.  I don't think anybody wants to disenfranchise people, so obviously there is a break down in communication.
Also I don't like people objecting to proposals which require a second.... it becomes unclear which is which.  
The goal of this proposal is to prevent individuals from missing proposals they would have objected to, and to hopefully make it clear which props need objections/opposition voiced.  Since we allow objections to be withdrawn at any time (there are no explicit rules, this is just council practice), and since I don't want to make the web team or whoever responsible for constantly updating the proposals, I don't want anything to change in this indication if people object... it's your responsibility to object if you think the proposal deserves an objection.  
Also, because it usually takes time to put up a proposal, and since discussion periods are usually 7 days, the indication on the open vote page needs to be up six days before the discussion period closes. If it takes more then 24 hours to put the prop up, that has the potential to delay proposals.  
I'd like to include the exact time that an objection needs to be in to be included to, but I am not sure that is feasible for the people involved to do, so I'm leaving that out at this time.
If a and b are not feasible as written, I'm willing to consider formal amendments as per the bylaws.  I'd note that it doesn't say that formal amendments require you to be a voting member anywhere.
If this passes, you'll be able to use a gmail filter OR the council open votes page to see which proposals will pass without objection.  Then nobody can reasonably complain that they didn't know that a prop would autopass, and all will be right with the world.  Just kidding, but seriously, hopefully this will make things just a little better, and prevent future issues.
I hereby amend this proposal as follows.
Also to be clear, Proposals should be [AUTOPASS][PROPOSAL] not [AUTOPASS-Proposal] or whatever.  This makes it easier for gmail filters.  
I'm moving it a day.  The midnight thing was taking to long to write, and I or someone else comes up with a better version, we can fix it, but I'll not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. 
Thanks, Jacob

All Proposals or other council actions which could pass/be approved if there is no objection/opposition shall include [AUTOPASS] in their subject when first proposed/sent to the Council mailing list, and throughout the discussion period, and quote the relevant bylaw under which they are proposed.
       a. They shall be added to the council open vote page As soon as possible, but no less than five days prior to the time the discussion period would end, shall include [AUTOPASS] at the beginning of their title when first added, and their closing date shall reflect the time the discussion period will end. 
       b.If they enter a voting period, their title and closing date should be updated as appropriate

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