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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 09-Feb-2014 12:00AM EST
Closing: 15-Feb-2014 11:55PM EST

Per OWBN's Coordinator Bylaws, Section 3.C.iii I propose the following Territory and Plot



Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Geographic Specifics of Responsibility:  The city and 10 mile radius surrounding area

Notes: Domain of Prince Tegyrius

Page Reference: Assamite Clanbook: Revised

General Restriction Level: Coordinator Approval

Vampire Background and Actions: Coordinator Approval

Changing Breeds/Changeling Backgrounds: Coordinator Notify

Mage Backgrounds: Coordinator Notify

Other Supernatural Backgrounds and Actions: Coordinator Approval


Reasoning:  The Assamite schism has a lack of coordinator NPCs with any real position or clout within the Camarilla.  In the desire to support the OWbN Assamite schism genre there is a need for an important NPC to help guide the genre and support the PCs.  As written in the Assamite Clanbook: Revised, the Assamite elder Tegyrius is the political face of the Assamite schism in the Camarilla.  He is an elder owed a network of boons within the Camarilla and largely is supposed to coordinate and push the overall schism agenda.  He would only be able to do so with greater political clout within the Camarilla.  


As such, I propose that Tegyrius become the Prince of the city of Dubai.  Dubai is unlike most other cities in the Middle East and fits perfectly with his write up and the feel of the Camarilla.  This will allow Team Assamite the ability to help facilitate the support of the genre to the Schism players and give the Assamites in the Camarilla at least one elder with some political backing and standing of note in the Camarilla.  It should be noted that during Gehenna in canon, Tegyrius is named the Assamite Justicar; while we are not running that plot it does show the level of political power he should have.  Thus, I find Prince to be good starting point.  For more information on Tegyrius please see page 98-99 of the Revised Assamite clanbook.


Elixon Lopez
Assamite Coordinator 

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