[AUTOPASS][Proposal] Release of Werewolf 20th Anniversary Source Material

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 23-Apr-2014 8:00AM EDT
Closing: 23-Apr-2014 8:00AM EDT

Passed w/o objection on 4/23/2014
As per Administrative Bylaw 11.A - White Wolf/CCP/Onyx Path/By Night Publishing Source Materials
To allow time for all members of OWBN to research new materials as they become published a ban shall be placed on the acquisition of any new power, ability, background, item, item card, merit, flaw, etc. from any new publication outside of an OWbN approved Packet made after January 1, 2010 by any PC or NPC, which may be released following a three-month period by vote of Council. Meta-plots, as passed by Council, are exempt.
At this time and after due consideration by the Changing Breeds team, I propose that Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition be released to general use by OWbN Chronicles. 
This proposal is made without attached strings, as the current bylaw doesn't lay a very concise demand on the plots that are contained within the book. With that said? I would ask that all Storytellers in OWbN not implement the altered Prophecy of the Phoenix until an appropriate proposal has been written to smoothly integrate those details into the OWbN ongoing story. The Bylaw talks about new Meta-plots needing votes, and I'm relying on that verbiage here. 
A second earnest request of Storytellers in OWbN is to exercise caution and good judgment regarding new Gifts that are obviously made to replace or update currently existing Gifts. Examples are "Hands Full of Thunder" replacing "Garafina's Crown", and "Sidestep Deathblow" replacing "Ignore Deathblow". 
While a nonbinding packet can be written for the Gifts that are new, Changing Breed ST crews have had enough experience with translating a roll structure into <Category> + <Retest> at a Trait Difficulty of the roll Difficulty. If a packet becomes necessary, we'll surely write one upon request.

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