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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 29-Apr-2014 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 06-May-2014 12:00AM EDT

I, Nny Elmore CM of New Haven by Night, Chico, CA, email bondagesamurai@gmail.com, propose the following change to the Coordinator Bylaws 3.vi:

Currently reads as:

1. Duties for Web Coordinator shall be:
        a. Designing the website.
        b. Maintaining all domains and sub domains owned by OWBN.
        c. Setting up and maintaining all e-mail accounts and e-mail lists.
        d. Making backups of all files contained in the domain in case of data loss.
        e. Communication with Host Company in case of service interruption or any complications which disrupt the domain and website.
        f. Make sure all maps and chronicles have updated information on the Website.
        g. Continue to develop new themes for the website.
        h. Trouble-shoot all user problems with the domain and website.
        i. Communicate with Exec Team, Elected Coordinators and Council about all issues concerning the domain and website.
        j. Communicate with Finance Coordinator about which chronicles are eligible for space to host chronicle websites due to restrictions from Administrative bylaw 5.a.iv
        k. Make regular updates of content on the website as provided by Exec team, Council Members and Coordinators.

Add following text:

l. After receiving a help desk ticket, they may fix spelling and grammatical errors in the bylaws if it does not fundamentally change the intent of the bylaw. Prior to the change being made, they must provide notification to Council of what is to be changed. Any objections made within seven days of the notification made by an Exec Team Member or Council Member regarding what is to be changed, would then require a proposal to be made to correct the errors.

Nny Elmore

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