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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 21-Aug-2014 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 21-Aug-2014 12:00AM EDT

This proposal was brought forth on August 13. If there are no objections during its 7-day discussion period, it will autopass.

This proposal auto-passed on August 20th.


Per the Coordinator Bylaws 3Ciii. "Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, enforced policy, R&U named characters, or binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion."

The Toreador Coordinator proposes a change to the R&U Bylaws moving the acquisition of the Combination Disciplines "Soul Painting" and "Focused Reflexes" from unregulated to Coordinator Approval.

The following changes to the R&U Bylaws will occur:
- The items "PCs with the Combination Disciplines: Soul Painting & Focused Reflexes" will be added to 3.E.1 (Coordinator Approval)

I am proposing regulation of these for story considerations. Soul Painting was created by Katherine de Montpellier and is something she took great pains to control. Those she taught paid dearly so that they would value the knowledge given them. Focused Reflexes is a PC created combination discipline and any individuals possessing that discipline should be able to trace that ability back to the original PC creator (Juno).

I chose to make these Coordinator Approval so that the Toreador Coordinator can assist chronicles in forming story around these combination disciplines.The nature of these combination disciplines means that they are rarer than other such Toreador combination disciplines.

This proposal will include a 30 day grandfathering period for characters that already have these Combination Disciplines on their sheet.

Chad Halvorson
Toreador Coordinator

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