[WITHDRAWN][GENERAL CONSENSUS] Implementation of system to transparency of public Council discussions to our player & storyteller constituents

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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 28-Aug-2014 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 22-Aug-2014 12:00AM EDT

(This proposal was withdrawn on August 21st)

This General Consensus proposal was objected to by the Council Members for Vitae Aeternus and St. Augutine: On Haunted Ground, Secundus Surrectum, and Blackened Veins, and is therefore brought to a Council Vote.

    Administrative Bylaw 4.F.i.
    The Head Storyteller of a game, its Council Representative, or any Coordinator may petition the Executive Team for a General Consensus Vote on an issue that has little impact or significance on the organization as a whole but would technically require a vote per the bylaws.

    Administrative Bylaw 4.F.iii.
    If the [General Consensus Vote] is not objected to in the (1) one week timeframe of the normal discussion period, then the issue is considered to autopass as a Coordinator Proposal and be logged into the voting log system. If a designated Council Representative formally Objects to the item, then it shall go to vote normally.

I, Jessica Karels, as Head Coordinator, propose to make Council discussions publicly accessible, as long as said discussions do not pertain to private Council proposals. This would be implemented by forwarding said discussions to an announcement-only mailing list, with the Council emails undergoing a 2-step moderation method before being made publicly available.

Rationale & Procedure:
In response to participant feedback (players and ST's) we have already taken some initial steps to increase awareness with regards to Council activity. Public proposals are available on the OWBN website shortly after they are proposed/seconded. Information about said proposals are shared on the OWBN-OOC and OWBN-ST lists around the same time. We have started to share the vote results in summary emails as well. 

However, there appears to be a bottleneck when it comes to communication regarding the actual Council discussions. While some Council Members go to great lengths to keep their players informed as to proposal discussions, we do not wish to enforce a universal standard across all CM's. In reviewing various options to increase transparency and build awareness about proposals that are in discussion, we found an option that would work without additional work on the part of our Council Members: Forwarding Council list discussions to an announcement-only email list.

There would be a double-moderation method to prevent private proposals (Disciplinary Actions and plot-related proposals, Admission applications, etc.) from being posted on the announcement list. The "how this works" is illustrated in the flow chart below:


​The reason that this is being brought to a General Consensus proposal is because there are currently no bylaws that outline procedures with regards to sharing information from the Council list. The closest to this is Administrative Bylaw 3.D.iii. (re: Player Base Notification).  Rather than move forward because "the bylaws don't say we can't", we are bringing this forward to Council to decide whether this moves forward without objection or whether this necessitates a Council vote.


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