[BYLAW REVISION] Removing Autopass from Admission Votes

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 08-Oct-2014 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 15-Oct-2014 12:00AM EDT

This proposal is in its 7-day discussion period. If there are no objections, it wil auto-pass.

This proposal was objected to by Ouro Preto on October 3rd


I, Autumn Wright, OWBN Admissions Coord, do hereby propose the following as per Administrative Bylaw  Section 3.A.v.1, and this Proposal Does have the Potential to “AutoPass” should no objections be brought forth, pursuant to Administrative Bylaw  Section 3.A.v.1.a.

Please Note Citation below.

   v.  Administrative Bylaw Changes
   1. Administrative Coordinators may pass before Council any changes to the administrative bylaws, as long as said changes directly affect their position. These proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.
   a. If no opposition is voiced during the week of discussion, the bylaw is considered passed and enforceable. Once passed these bylaws are considered binding to all chronicles (as with any other bylaw) and a chronicles refusal to adhere to said bylaw is grounds for OWBN disciplinary measures. Opposition must be in regards to the content of the proposal and must give those reasons why the objection is voiced. This is to allow Coordinator's the opportunity to respond and/or make changes/remove the proposal and its contents.

I hereby propose we remove the following in entirety, from our bylaws:
1.)  Administrative 7.C.i
2.)  Administrative &.D.iv

These changes would not affect any proposals already in discussion prior to when this vote goes live.

Reasoning:  Council should actively approve games to be allowed into One World By Night.  Additional reasons for this proposition are included but not limited to the amount of time we as an organization should spend on allowing all chronicles and council members to voice their opinion on a new game entering the organization.

The bylaws as they are written are included below.  Parts to be removed are highlighted in red.

Administrative 7.C.i.
The Admissions Coordinator, a Sub-Coordinator, or a duly appointed representative will then submit the Application for a "Probationary Admission" vote to the OWBN Council for the discussion period and Admission Vote.  If there are no objections during the discussion period, the game Auto-Passes into its Probationary Period.
Administrative 7.D.iv.
Any OWBN Council Member or Coordinator may post an objection to the Admissions Coordinator to bar the chronicle from being automatically granted full membership.  The Admissions Coordinator will then notify Council of the details of the objection.  Any objection may be withdrawn at any time.  If the objection is not withdrawn, the chronicle's admission shall be taken to vote at the end of the probationary period.

Autumn Wright
Admissions Coordinator

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