[Bylaw Addendum / Rewrite] Reformatting of the R&U Bylaws

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 29-Oct-2014 12:55AM EDT
Closing: 05-Nov-2014 12:55AM EST

I, Jeff Cauley CM of Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor and Archivist Coordinator, propose the following adaptation of the R&U Bylaws (see attachment).

This proposal simply reformats the R&U Bylaws into a a different (and in my opinion, easier) format to find R&U Items and update with new additions later.  Aside from ONE single category move (see below), this does not alter the rarity or change management of any R&U item.  I've been working on these R&U changes for sometime now and have experimented with different formats and undergone peer review, and found that this is one of the best formats presented.

The only rarity changed is PC Supernatural to PC Wraith and PC Supernatural to NPC Wraith which were simply combined into the Extraordinary category as PC Supernatural to Wraith, which has the exact same approval levels as before; Council Vote for PCs and Coordinator Approval for NPCs

Additionally, these Bylaws are up to date as of October 20th, including the changes for the recently passed R&U Bylaw changes, including the creation of the Disallowed category, the Akunase rarity change, and the Wraith Lore changes.

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