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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 19-Jan-2015 12:00AM EST
Closing: 26-Jan-2015 12:00AM EST

I, Geoffrey Combs, Council Member for Gainesville, the New Confederacy, in accordance with Administrative Bylaw 3.A.i, do hereby propose the following amendment to Coordinator Bylaw 3.C.6.

Adding the following Sections:

xiv Anarch Sorcery - Anarch Coordinator - See Below
    I. Old Skool - Anarch Coordinator, however, Old Skool Practicing Anarchs acquiring Voudoun Paths are joint control between Anarch and Giovanni Coordinators
    II. New Age - Anarch Coordinator
    III. Punk Sorcery - Anarch Coordinator, however, Punk Sorcery Practcing Anarchs acquiring  Voudoun Paths are Joint Control between Anarch and Giovanni Coordinators
    IV. Hacktivism - Anarch and Tremere Coordinators share joint control. 

Reasoning- Adam's Proposal has allowed for the use of the Onyx Path materials, however it did not specifically Amend the Appropriate Coord Bylaws. While the spirit of his proposal has already granted the right to the Anarch Coord to share control of Anarch Sorcery, this Gives the Anarch Coordinator the Authority to monitor Anarch Sorcery as well as propose Regulations regarding them. With amenities to the coords believed should have a joint say in such matters. 

This Proposal requires a [Second]

Geoffrey Combs
ST/CM- Gainesville, the New Confederacy

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