[Withdrawn] Ventrue Societies: Removal of References to Clan Friendship Merit in the Assembly of Colors [AUTOPASS]

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 14-Jan-2015 12:00AM EST
Closing: 14-Jan-2015 12:00AM EST

This proposal was withdrawn on 1/14/2015


This proposal has the potential to auto-pass:

The Ventrue Coordinator proposes to remove the wording/phrasing for the Assembly of Colors that implies that the Clan Friendship Merit is necessary or required (the full section can be seen in the OWbN Ventrue: Societies & Orders, page 11). There are no Bylaw updates with this proposal.
This is a genre proposal and will auto-pass in 7 days if not objected to.
Clan Friendship (the merit) is not required for entry into the Assembly and has not been for some while, but the document notes that those with the Merit are given preference when held against those without. What I have found is that even the mention of the Merit is enough to turn people off to trying to get into this society. This change softens the language in the description of this Society and removes mention of the Clan Friendship merit completely.
I have copied this section from the document and the changes appear in RED:
There are no Consuls for the Lasombra or Tzimisce. With the Anarch Revolt and the formation of the Sabbat, friendships strong connections with these two clans are no longer publicly claimed to be represented by the Assembly; their corresponding colors have fallen into obscurity from all but the Eldest Ventrue. Likewise, other “bloodlines” and illegitimate lines of Kindred undeserving of attention are denied such acknowledgement, but not completely forgotten by the clan’s vigilance. 

Role Within the Clan: Members of the Assembly of Colors are sought after for their skill at diplomacy, for their panache for negotiating, or for their unique insight when a particularly volatile situation arises. Foremost, however, a Consul of the Assembly is sought out for his or her connections within their particular field of expertise. While, in theory, any Ventrue may call for the assistance of the Assembly, in actuality, this privilege is usually only exercised by those in positions of authority within the Camarilla and Directorate (Princes, Praetors, Primogen, and Aedile).

Some Consuls deem to keep their identity secret to those outside of the Assembly to protect the Consul’s political vestments and clout. This practice is generally allowed by the Assembly, but its use is not common, after all, why help others if you cannot reap the fame, praise, and rewards?


Prerequisites to Join: This Society is only open to Ventrue who are members of the Camarilla and have a verifiable Lineage proving the applicant is a Ventrue. All appointments, replacements, and removals of Consuls are made by the Consul-General. Applications and nomination-packages for appointments or replacements are first brought to the Vice-Consul-General’sExecutive Assistant's attention, usually through the Assistant.. These nomination-packagesnominations, or documented series of failures, are submitted by clan Elders (NPCs),, Ventrue Princes, and the highest-level Directorate member in the candidate’s region, and are then reviewed based on the strength of candidate and his diplomatic accomplishments.

In order to be seriously considered for the role of Consul, a Ventrue must display a veritable arsenal of leverage with which to bargain (boons, out-of-clan prestige, lores, debt of gratitude merit) as well as the aptitude for continuing to curry favors; individuals with Clan Friendship (the Merit) are usually given preference over those without in the case where two individuals compete for the same position..



- Brian Orlando
  Ventrue Coordinator


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