[Bylaw Amendment] Change to Character Bylaws Section 4.

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 19-Feb-2015 12:00AM EST
Closing: 26-Feb-2015 12:00AM EST

I, Brad Klinger, CM and a man who can rock the hell out of a pink button-down shirt, propose the following change to Character Bylaws Section 4. Glass Ceiling.

Bylaws as current:

A. Vampire PCs are restricted by the following:

        i. Any PC who drops below 8th Generation must be retired to NPC.
        ii. The highest attainable level of any discipline for a player character shall be advanced.

Proposed change:

A. Vampire PCs are restricted by the following:
        i. Any PC who drops below 8th Generation permanently must be retired to NPC status.
        ii. No player character may have nor make use of any level of any discipline above Advanced.

'My God, you handsome devil you, why do you feel this change is necessary' I can hear many of you asking.  Well, it's simple.  We've got PCs out there with elder powers.  Oh, sure, they're not on their sheet.  They're item cards.  Or their temporary grants by NPCs.  Or they're... plot... somehow.

It happens.  It has happened.  It will continue to happen.  That glass ceiling we put into place for a reason, because a lot of those elder+ level disciplines are pretty darn broken, is being shot right through because all of the times PCs are gaining such powers are 'temporary'.  Or they're not actually on their sheet, not actually paid for with XP, because they're an item card.

I have personally seen both several times over with a variety of Disciplines.  I want to close the loophole.  PCs do not get to have or make use of 6+ level powers.  Doesn't matter how you got them, doesn't matter if it's only for a really cool scene, the glass ceiling exists for a reason.

You want to break it for your plot, propose an exception.

The change to the 8th gen thing is just to clarify that Blood Thaum doesn't make you an NPC.

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