[Proposal] Addition to Administrative Bylaw B

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 06-May-2015 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 13-May-2015 12:00AM EDT

Green Bay, shattered dreams, proposes the following be added to Administrative bylaw B. Voting.  i. Formatting. 
6. Votes on Disciplinary Actions and Genre/Plot Proposals will only show which game has voted, not how they have voted, until after the voting period.
     a. Comments from voting chronicles will also be disabled at the time to ensure anonymity for these votes.
     b. The HST of a chronicle will be able to see how their CM has voted, but not the whole vote itself.
7. Comments from voting chronicles will be  disabled until the close of the vote, to ensure anonymity for the voting process 
People should be able to vote how they see fit and not pressured to change their vote once it is cast or worry about if they are voting correctly and if they are going to up set a friend or neighboring game.
I also think that this will decrease on the leaking of information off council. 


Hugo Klessig
Green Bay WI Shattered Dreams
Storyteller/Council Rep


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