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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 24-Nov-2015 11:55PM EST
Closing: 01-Dec-2015 11:55PM EST

Good Morning,
Heartland Alliance hereby proposes the following organization-wide change:  Global PC Database
This will change a variety of wording in our bylaws and the line-for-line will be dealt with if this proposal passes.  A red line version of the bylaws will be submitted within 30 days of this passing to outline all changes and to be implemented in place.  This will hopefully decrease some of the burn out that storytellers can feel while also create a centralized method of maintaining characters.
The Global Character Database will work as follows:
* A team of 10 individuals assigned yearly by the HC and AHCs will be responsible for maintaining and submission of sheets.
* A character sheet database, complete with XP tracking, will be maintained by the team of 10 individuals.
* Each HST must submit their PCs (active & inactive / shelved status) to the team to be implemented into the database.
* Each character that is submitted must have a Player's Name and e-mail address to assist in identification.
* For characters to earn experience points, the game must log a request with the team of 10 individuals to add XP to a character sheet with date and reason.  (Charlie - 4 XP - 11/15/15 - Attendance, Costuming, Good RP).  It will be the responsibility of the team to have this updated within 72 hours.
* For characters to spend earned experience points, the request must come from the game's Storytellers to be valid.  This request will outline the character name, the purchase, and the total XP being spent.  (Charlie - Animalism 2 - 3XP)
* For sheets to be sent ahead of time, the request may be made by the player of the character as long as they CC their staff and advise where to submit the sheet.  The team of 10 individuals will need to CC the player and home chronicle upon submission.  (e.g. Charlie needs to be sent to KONY from Carpe, Team sends KONY, Charlie, and Carpe a RTF of the character sheet within 72 hours.)
* Changes of the status of the character as outlined in Character Bylaw 3.B.i. must be logged by the Home Chronicle to the Team of 10.


CM of Heartland Alliance


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