[PROPOSAL] Organization Change - Org Wide Reset

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 24-Nov-2015 11:55PM EST
Closing: 01-Dec-2015 11:55PM EST

Good Morning,
Heartland Alliance hereby proposes the following organization-wide change:  Org Wide Reset
This will change a variety of wording in our bylaws and the line-for-line will be dealt with if this proposal passes.  A red line version of the bylaws will be submitted within 30 days of this passing to outline all changes and to be implemented in place.  This will hopefully decrease some of the burn out that storytellers can feel in handling large powered sheets and providing ongoing plot that can be blasted through with hundreds of points and also bring more players into having an interest level in the game knowing that they won't feel the constant burn of power imbalance.
The Org Wide Reset will work as follows:
* The initial reset will take place in 2017 during the 2 week period of HC voting.
* Every 5 years during the HC vote moving forward (2022, 2027, etc.) will have a full reset.
* This means all PC and NPC sheets will be reduced to Null and must be created from scratch using Organization Guidelines of new character creation.


CM of Heartland Alliance


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