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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 24-Nov-2015 11:55PM EST
Closing: 01-Dec-2015 11:55PM EST

Good Morning,
Heartland Alliance hereby proposes the following organization-wide change:  Global House Rules
This will change a variety of wording in our bylaws and the line-for-line will be dealt with if this proposal passes.  A red line version of the bylaws will be submitted within 30 days of this passing to outline all changes and to be implemented in place.  This will hopefully decrease some of the burn out that storytellers can feel while also create a centralized method of maintaining rule interpretation and also provide a more unified experience of play across the organization
The Global House Rules will work as follows:
* The HC and AHCs will create a Rules Team to be the central point of communication for all things Global House Rules.
* All pre-existing rule interpretations will be removed from Games and every game will return to using LotX as their source material.
* Any gifts, disciplines, rituals, etc. that are in a tabletop book vs. live action book will be submitted to a Rules Team by a Storyteller and determined on the proper call for the live action system.
* Any gifts, disciplines, rituals, etc. that have an unclear interpretation will be submitted to a Rules Team by a Storyteller and determined on the proper call for the inconsistency.
* The Rules Team will log the inconsistency found along with an official rules call that will be applied across the organization as a whole.
* Games will be expected to utilize this joint house rule document.  If they disagree with the ruling of the Rules Team they may have their CM propose a change to the ruling with the suggested re-wording.


CM of Heartland Alliance


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