[Proposal] Givings Coords Official Rights to Govern their Electronic Media

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 15-Jan-2016 11:00PM EST
Closing: 22-Jan-2016 11:55PM EST

Objected, 1/8/2016, Vote opens on the 15th
Subject - [Proposal][Bylaws][Autopass] Givings Coords Official Rights to Govern their Electronic Media


I, LeAmber Kensley, as Assistant Head Coordinator, and on the behalf of Bruce Lindsay,  Council Member of UTR- Under the Rock; Rockland, NY pursuant to Administrative bylaw 3.A.i  do hereby propose the following amendments to our Coordinator Bylaws 3.C.i.

As this proposal is being made by a member of the Executive Team, it has the potential to AUTOPASS. 

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9. Manage and set policy for any Coordinator owned; In Character or Out of Character Email lists, Wikis, Forums, Websites, or other forms of media utilized in the promotion of and or for communications of their genre. In this context, "Coordinator owned" is defined as national and international forms of the above media that are not owned and managed by local games, regional games, or PCs.
Reason- It has sparked way too many disagreements in the past as to what  a Coord can and cannot do with a List or Media pertaining to their Genre. While many of the Coords below who have put their seal of approval feel this should be "common sense" it is my feeling as well as some others that it must be spelled out properly in our organization to avoid any perceptions of Coords overstepping their boundaries without proper Council authorizations. 

This proposal has the support of 
Anarch Coord - Bruce Lindsay
Assamite Coord - Jesse Ditty
Assistant Head Coord - Nick Lambaunas
Assistant Head Coord - LeAmber Kensley
Brujah Coord - Chris Foster
Camarilla Coord - Jeff Cauley
Followers of Set Coord - Stacy Diaz
Salubri Coord - Kat Flomesch
Sabbat Coord - Adam Sartori
Tremere Coord - Alex RushingVentrue Coord - Brian Orlando
Wraith Coord - Christian Debats
LA -Malkavian Coordinator
Head Coordinator - Rojir 
Gangrel Coordinator - Luke




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