[Proposal] Character Bylaws Revision

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 21-Apr-2016 12:05AM EDT
Closing: 28-Apr-2016 12:05AM EDT

Dear Council,

I, Nicholas Lambaunas propose the following document replaces our complete Character Bylaws and Character Regulations.
The change is mainly structural, refined wording, and clarifications, in what we believe may be an easier way to utilize our catalog of protocol and Rare and Unusual. 
This document was in the making for quite some time and available here on Council and Coordinator list. We listened to feedback and this is what we came up with as a finished product. 
Thank you in advance for reviewing the proposal, which is also accompanied with change log illustrating our revisions for easier reference. 
Nick Lambaunas
Head Coordinator 

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