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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 25-May-2016 12:55AM EDT
Closing: 25-May-2016 1:00AM EDT

I propose the following be added to the Character Regulation bylaws:
Character Regulation bylaw addition:
10.i.vii.37. Tal’Mahe’Ra Combination Discipline and Spells-PC: Disallowed NPC: Disallowed -Coordinator Sabbat
            A. Offering the Awakened Soul
            B. Chain the Enlightened
SO...Im gonna go ahead and nip this right in the bud.  The new Tal'Mahe'Ra book came out.  Pretty neat read.  But it added the ability for vampires to have ways to use sphere aka True Magic.  I think we can all agree...thats not something we need in OWbN.  Now I realize said book was just released, but I figured i'd just go ahead and head this one off at the pass.
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