Add missing Brujah Combination Disciplines to Bylaws

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 29-May-2016 12:55AM EDT
Closing: 05-Jun-2016 1:00AM EDT

I, Rob Beckett, in my duties as brujah Coordinator hereby propose:
Add to Character bylaws 10.l.viii.7.
f. Command the Wary Beast
g. Leaps and Bounds
h. Reluctant Performance Artist
i. Quicksilver Contemplation
J. Hindsight
k. Aura of Accursed Rage
Hindsight and Quicksilver Contemplation 
It has been the policy of the Brujah office for several terms now to maintain control of proprietary Brujah powers. With PCs able to teach Temproris levels 1-4 without approval it is in the best interest of all concerned that Combination Disciplines involving Temporis now be regulated as Coordinator Approval.
Command the Wary Beast, Leaps and Bounds, and Reluctant Performance Artists have been added to the Brujah repertoire with the release of Lore of the Clans.
Aura of Accursed Rage is not listed as a Brujah Combo (not that that's ever stopped us before) but gives what is essentially a watered down version of the Brujah Flaw. It makes sense that combination powers which duplicate, to any degree, the flaw of a clan were developed by that clan.
I submit this proposal with no grandfathering.
If any non-Brujah character currently has one of these powers my team will look at the story behind it and work with teh players and STs to come to a mutually acceptable agreement if possible.
-Rob Beckett
One World by Night Brujah Coordinator

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