[AMENDMENT] Administrative Changes to Character bylaw Ji1 and Character bylaw Ji2

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 25-Feb-2017 9:00PM EST
Closing: 04-Mar-2017 9:00PM EST


This proposal is a being made to fix over sites when we first proposed character changes. Also, this allows us to work with all mummy concepts that would be presented to us from background to character creation without it bogging down Council with massive edits and changes that might occur. 
Amendment to grant autopass. 
This proposal is made in accordance with the Coordinator Bylaws, section 3.C. (Subsections ii. and iii.):
3. Coordinator Duties
C. Genre Coordinators
iii. Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, enforced policy, R&U named characters, or binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.
   1. If no opposition is voiced during the week of discussion, the proposal is considered passed and enforceable. Once passed these are considered binding to all chronicles and a chronicles refusal to adhere is grounds for OWBN disciplinary measures. Opposition must be in regards to the content of the proposal and must give those reasons why the objection is voiced. This is to allow Coordinator's the opportunity to respond and/or make changes/remove the proposal and its contents.
In pursuint to by law Coordinator bylaw §3.C.iii, as the Follower of Set Coordinator, I Stacey Diaz propse the following change to Character bylaw
 J Mummy Controlled Items
Creature Types
Standard Mummies - PC: Majority Vote - NPC: Coordinator Notify - Coordinator: Setite
New Mummies
Other Shemsu-Heru
i. Creature Types
1. StandardMummies - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: Coordinator Notify:Coordinator: Setite
a. New Mummies
b. Imkhu
c. Other Shemsu-Heru
Non-Standard Mummies - PC: 2/3 Majority Vote - NPC: Majority Vote - Coordinator: Setite
Wu T'ian
2.Non-Stardard Mummies - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Setite
a. Ishmaelites
b. Cabiri
c. Asek-Sen
d. Capococoha
e. Wu T'ian
Stacey Diaz
Setite Coordinator

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