[Proposal] Amendment to Character Bylaws 3: Experience Points

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 04-May-2017 11:55PM EDT
Closing: 11-May-2017 11:55PM EDT

I, Jeff Cauley, as CM of Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor propose the following Bylaw Amendment. As this is proposed by a Council Member it requires a Second.

ADD to Character Bylaw 3 (Experience Points):
e. Characters may only receive retroactive or back dated experience points in specific situations
     i.A character may only receive back dated experience points while based in the same chronicle. If a  character transfer to another chronicle, their new staff may not award them back dated experience 
       points prior to when they joined that chronicle.
          1. If a character is transferring to another chronicle and their experience points history 
              is incorrect (due to poor book keeping) the Executive Team's permission will be required to 
              award back dated experience points.
                   a. This may only be done at the time of transfer.
                   b. Any such back dated awards must include proper justification which should reflect a valid 
                       reason for the back dated award. "Storytellers forgot to mark his attendance at last 
                       June's game" is an example of proper justification. "This character has been in play 
                       for years and missed maxing out in some months, so we're going to go back and 
                       put them at 8 earned each month" is not proper justification.
          2. A Storyteller may back date any experience points earned to characters based in their chronicle 
              so long as the award occurred while the character remained in the chronicle
                   a. If the award is back dated less than 3 months, no additional action is required
                   b. If the award is back dated greater than 3 months but less than 12, the award must be noted 
                       in detail on the Chronicle's next Archivist Report.            
                   c. If the award is backed greater than 12 months, the Storyteller must contact the Executive 
                       Team, who may authorize the backdated award with appropriate justification.
Reasoning: I've noticed something occurring in small numbers that has me concerned. Characters transfer chronicles and either have inflated XP costs for administrative oversights that go back years or chronicles that will retroactively award characters up to 8 a month when they receive character transfers. 
XP is meant to be earned real time and characters should not be receiving retroactive XP awards just because they didn't max in a particular month. Within reason, there are scenarios where characters should be able to gain retroactive XP but those scenarios should be the exception not the rule.
-- Jeff C.
Baltimore by Night CM


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