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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 22-May-2017 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 22-May-2017 12:00AM EDT

Hi everyone!
I, William Lee, your beloved Ravnos coordinator proposes the following changes;
Addition to the bylaws;
10.l.v.28 Merit: Antitoxin Blood
Why Will? Why more regulation?! Well, this 1 point merit from lore of the clans that makes the Player completely immune to supernatural poisons and drugs, including toxins and poisons created by supernatural creatures.
That's a long list of things a character is now immune to for a 1 point unregulated merit. This prop, will allow no grandfathering. Why Will?! Why no grandfathering? Well I don't personally believe that if you got your unregulated crack just because it was unregulated you should keep it. You got an awesome story and reason to have it? I'm down, and you'll get to keep it. You went to your buddy the ST and said," hey that's awesome can I buy it?" And you bought it, you're not keeping it.
Why have that in text and not in big bold letters at the end? I want people to read the prop. Not see it and say," our game doesn't support a prop that doesn't allow grandfathering". There is no tone in email, and I apologize if I sound like an ass, but please read the prop, understand how insanely powerful that merit is, and judge it based on that, not object just because an admin part of the prop you don't like.
Ravnos Coord

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