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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 24-Sep-2017 11:55PM EDT
Closing: 01-Oct-2017 11:55PM EDT

I, Rob Beckett, in accordance with my duties as Brujah Coordinator propose the following:

That we add to section 10.l of the Character bylaws, as described below, specific items regarding the Brujah clan that should not be able to be immediately put into play without some level of oversight.

Given that the STV is new and that Larry's prop only passed today, I present this proposal without grandfathering.


With the recent passing of Larry's Storyteller Vault prop, A Coordinator would be required to purchase every STV product in order to look for specific things that may be specifically and individually appropriate for this step. I do not have that kind of money and expect that most of us do not. This will make sure that there is oversight for Brujah items entering play (no new weird Temporis powers or new Bloodlines for example) by requiring that such items be brought to the Coord's office at which point I can ask for a copy/Paste of the specific content being sought and review that content to determine if it is appropriate to enter play.

I have limited this prop to those things that either are already regulated if they were to come from a White Wolf/Onyx Path book, are covered in Larry's prop, which did not include required line additions to the bylaws, or are otherwise covered in some way. For example, OWBN specific bloodlines are already regulated as PC Majority Vote, NPC Coord Notify. I made them approval because they are coming from a source that does not necessarily originate within the org.





31. Storyteller Vault Merits or Flaws which interact with or affect Temporis - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: - Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Brujah



c. Brujah Combination Powers/Discipline Techniques found in Storyteller Vault Material - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: - Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Brujah



33. Storyteller Vault created Brujah Bloodlines - PC: Majority Vote - NPC: - Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Brujah


34. Storyteller Vault created Brujah Alternate Disciplines or Blood Magic - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: - Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Brujah

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