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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 15-Dec-2017 11:55PM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2017 11:55PM EST

Hello all!  At the end of the week I'm planning to route several proposals.  The first is a new Mechanics Packet for Kuei-jin:
The changes are extensive, so I don't have a full list of all of them.  Here's an overview:
  1. I've tried to keep mechanics from the previous packet similar, but several rites and powers had clarifications (e.g. Beast Shintai 5 now has slightly more guidance on what you can buy for your "off-brand crinos" form, as opposed to just saying 6 traits and maybe some merits).
  2. I've added a handful of rites which were omitted from the previous translation or which were developed in OWBN.
  3. I've added an introduction on playing Kuei-jin and the role they play in OWBN.
  4. I've added several merits to represent court functions and status, primarily for use in games which don't want to get very involved with portraying a Kuei-jin court.  One of these is similar to the consul role from the Camarilla packet, but intended to be ignorable for those games which prefer not to include Kuei-jin content.
  5. I've added rules suggestions and included a new optional merit to try to address some mechanical wonkiness - the KJ rules never got a second draft, so they've got some obvious issues as written.
  6. More sample P'o natures.  The book had very few, and said you could make up your own or go to the wraith guide - I decided to include a handful as "bonus dlc".
Several things will have to have a separate vote, since they change approval levels.  For most of these, the previous packet said they were restricted but they were not listed under the character bylaws.
Some rare or heretical KJ disciplines will require coord notification or approval to possess "out of sect".
Some rites require coord approval to possess "out of sect" or are banned outright for PCs.
Linguistics: Kaja is KJ coord approval, other than for Wu Lung / Akashic Brotherhood.
Please let me know what you think, and if you'd like changes or updates to it prior to routing for a vote, let me know.
--Ken Shields
KJ Coord

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