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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 24-Jan-2018 11:55PM EST
Closing: 31-Jan-2018 11:55PM EST

Pursuant to Coordinator Bylaw §3.C.iii, I, Dora Jay, as Changing Breeds Coordinator, do so propose the following:

Character Bylaw §10.f.i shall have the following be added to the Character Bylaws. This proposal has the potential to Autopass.

Creature Types
1- Legend Rank: PC: Disallowed; NPC: Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Changing Breeds
Justification and Reasoning
Every other applicable 'power level' in the other genres of the World of Darkness that exist within OWBN is currently regulated to be Coordinator Approval by the relevant coordinator or by Approval via Council Vote. Legends should not be an exception to this rule. 

Becoming a Legend is a very very difficult process that not all BSDs or Gaian Garou are able to accomplish. As such, this is being regulated to ensure that the rank of Legend has the meaning, impact, and respect that the rank deserves.
Grandfathering will be allowed for Changing Breed Primary Games Only.

Grandfathering will not be allowed for Non-Changing Breed Primary Games.

Justification: Legend Black Spiral Dancers and Legend Gaian Garou do not belong in non Changing Breed Genre games without some form of oversight in the same manor that 4th, 5th, and 6th Gen Vampires do not belong in Changing Breed Games without some sort of oversight.
Dora Jay
Changing Breeds Coordinator

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