[PROPOSAL] Change to administrative bylaw 6.a.ii

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 14-Feb-2018 11:55PM EST
Closing: 21-Feb-2018 11:55PM EST

Kings of New York proposes the following change to bylaw 6.a.ii.

ii. The highest attainable level of any discipline for a player character shall be advanced


ii. The highest discipline a player character may purchase is the advanced level.

iii. No player character shall benefit, possess, gain, or use any discipline level above advanced be it temporarily or permanently

Reasoning:  there are now multiple ways currently in owbn that allows for a vampire character to gain access to elder level disciplines and have been for a while.  The reliqeuary background from kindred of the ebony kingdom, the ritual touch the protectors mind, inspire greatness, a salubri merit that lets you get lvl 9 warrior valeren, and the current onr up for vote.

I have seen all of these and I believe they are unessescary and against the spirit of the bylaw as written. Additionally I could prop to ban all of these but it would create bylaw bloat and won't stop custom content from just doing the same thing. And honestly I would rather play in an org were not some some pcs get elder powers and other don't.  I'd rather see a flat ban on all of it.

Just my opinion! I don't think we need pcs rolling around with elder powers.


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