[Proposal]Chage to Administrative 4.b.ii.1. "application support"

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 03-Apr-2018 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 10-Apr-2018 12:00AM EDT

CNMR here by proposes the following changes to admin.4.B.ii.1. Effective 2020 election cycle.


Application support has become frankly a laughable matter and no longer a measuring stick by what applicants actually hold the support of the population.   Numerous games and coordinators publicly announce that they support everyone with the desire for the position.   In those events this bylaw has become dated and a useless formality.
I would like to address this issue with possible changes which would attempt to reinforce the goal of this bylaw or to simply remove it all together.
This bylaw proposal is broken down into multiple options.
Option 1 - no longer requiring support.
Change 4.B.ii.1 to read
"The head coord is required to nominate all applicants whom are not disqualified due to orginzational disciplinary actions which would preclude them from a coordinator position."
And would also remove completely 4.B.ii.2 & 4.B.ii.2.a
Option 2 - More specific support requirements.
Change 4.B.ii.1.
"The Head coord is required to nominate all applicants whom meet all of support requirements below.  They may decline applicants with less support at their discretion.
4.B.ii.1.a. Five chronicles within the applicants home region.
             b.  Five chronicles from any region whom are not the applicants home region.
              c.  Two chronicles from outside the applicants home country.
Option 3 - more strict support
Add 4.B.ii. And re-number following addendums of 4.B. sequentially after.
4.B.ii chronicle Support
    Chronicle support may not be given to multiple applicants for the same position.  IE if multiple people are applying for a position, the chronicle may only support a single applicant.
    Chronicles are not required to vote for applicants they support.
4.B.iii coordinator support 
    Coordinator support may only be given to applications to the office which they are the coordinator.
These above changes as a result will remove what is currently listed as 4.B.ii.2.a.
Option 4 - abstain
Option 5 - reject all options.


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No longer requiring support.
More specific support requirements
More strict support
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