[Proposal] Addition to Coordinator Bylaw 2.A - Creation of a Hunter Coordinator

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 24-Apr-2018 9:40PM EDT
Closing: 28-Apr-2018 12:00AM EDT

I, Jeff Cauley, hereby propose the following addition to the Bylaws. With these additions comes the role of a Hunter Coordinator in OWbN.

Add to Coordinator Bylaws 2.A

v. Hunter Coordinator

This adds the role of Hunter Coordinator to the Appointed Coordinator positions


The Hunter genre is present in OWbN and there is no governance over it. Every other genre falls under a particular Coordinator (even Mummy). There are PC Hunters in play and they deserve a Coordinator to guide their genre, use NPCs to further story, maintaining an active Hunter-net and in general coordinate for them.

Additionally, this would give an outlet for more faith based elements of the game to be house under a sole Coordinator. We’ve shoe-horned various powers into various different Coordinator positions that could find a home with the Hunter Coordinator. For instance, True Faith (standard) is Coordinator Notify but it doesn’t have a set Coord to notify of. Does a Vampire character notify their Clan Coord? Sect Coord? Other?

Baltimore by Night also formerly had a sub-chronicle that was Hunter based that had no avenue for Coord Support. There was no one to get us in touch with canon NPCs if we wanted to talk to them, or to regulate/create a Hunter.net. There was no one for the ST’s to coordinate plot ideas with. It was just doing their own thing and it left the game feeling pretty isolated. A similar experience was had in New England when a lack of Coord support made it extremely difficult to interact with other regions without a national list or any global oversight of the genre.



Jeff Cauley

Camarilla Coordinator

Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor HST/CM



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