Clarification of character bylaw 5.a - Canon Locations in claimed territory

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 19-Apr-2018 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 01-May-2018 12:00AM EDT

Orlando Magic Kingdom hereby proposes the following change to Character bylaw 5.a. We realize that this will be considered under the gun but do not feel that waiting until Dora's prop passes or fails is the way to go this time. Should this pass, character bylaws should be renumbered appropriately.



5. White Wolf Canon Regulations

a. Locations

i. A chronicle wishing to use a canon location must notify Council two weeks (or more) prior to usage.


1) White Wolf Canon Regulations

a) Locations

i) A chronicle wishing to use a canon location must notify Council two weeks (or more) prior to usage unless that location exists within the territory currently owned by an OWbN member chronicle in which case the member chronicle in whose territory it exists may use the location freely within the following guidelines.

1. If the canon location is currently claimed by another party (Coordinator, Game) and is not part of the status quo, approval must be sought from the party who has registered the location as claimed. This may require the use of a Binding Agreement between parties detailing how the location may be used.

(b) A game or Coordinator using a canon location may not affect that location in such a way as to;

(i) Substantially alter the genre as a whole unless the OWbN bylaws otherwise allow such use;

(ii) Destroy that canon location without a council passed proposal that has received 2/3 of the vote;

(c) Use of a location does not grant use of named canon NPCs associated with that location. Use of named canon NPCs should follow the guidelines found under the heading “Published Canon Characters,” (INSERT NEW ByLAW REFERENCE HERE Currently Character bylaw 5.c)

(d) An individual (Game or Coordinator) wishing to claim sole or shared ownership of a canon location that exists within someone else’s (Game or Coordinator) claimed territory must demonstrate either;

(i) That they have acquired support of the Game or Coordinator who claims the territory;

(ii) That the individual (Game or Coordinator) the location is claimed by, has used the location in such a way as to violate character bylaw 5.b.



If a canon location exists within a chronicles claimed territory it is unreasonable to expect the chronicle holding that territory will not interact with it.


Our chronicle has concerns that the current bylaws do not adequately address situations like the recent contention over a canon sept located in our territory. This proposal aims to clarify and regulate more fully how canon locations will be addressed in the future, to avoid such conflicts between Coordinators and Chronicles.

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